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In today’s world I believe there is nothing more important than our health and mental wellness. The wave is Mood, Motivation, Metabolism, Weight Loss, Mental Fitness, Gut Health, Kids, Stress, and Immune Support.

Amare GBX FIT™ 

The world's first QUADbiotic formula in a convenient & cool purple pill that targets the gut microbiome for healthy weight loss.
Why You Need It

Weight loss support*
Improves gut health*
Reduces bloating and inflammation*
Regulates appetite and cravings* 

Amare Wellness Pack
What It Is

The world’s first QUADbiotic gut-brain axis product for weight loss
Combination of a specific prebiotic, probiotic, phytobiotic, and postbiotic targeted for weight loss in a cool and convenient purple pill

Amare GBX Burn™

Burn the fat before it weighs you down with GBX Burn. A synergistic blend of natural herbs, spices and amino acids that have been clinically studied to increase your calorie burn and support weight management. Add GBX Burn to your daily movement routine to support your mental wellness and end the weight gain cycle for good!* #AmareBurnBrightly

How It Works

Grains of Paradise – an ancient, edible spice that is part of the ginger family that increases calorie burning.*
Glomerata Fruit – a powerful superfood that helps enhance metabolic wellness and helps you naturally expend more energy.*
Carrot Pomace – plant-derived and made from upcycled carrots, Carrot Pomace helps support gut integrity and gut health through promoting diversity in your gut microbiome.*
BCAAs 2:1:1 – amino acids that have been shown to enhance muscle protein synthesis, increase energy and reduce fatigue during exercise.*

Amare Happy Fit Pack™

Move toward a healthier, stronger you with Amare Happy Fit Pack™. Paired with daily movement and a healthy lifestyle, this pack is specifically curated to support weight management and a healthy gut microbiome in a variety of ways. In addition to your choice of Digestive or Restore®, this pack includes our most popular "Happy Juice Pack" and the incredible stimulant free duo of Amare GBX Fit™ and Amare GBX Burn™ to help you lose weight and keep it off.*

Happy Fit Pack

Why You'll Love It
Boosts your mood and motivation*
Provides overall health for your second brain, your gut*
Supports weight management and appetite control*
Improves GI function* 

Geneva Health

Amare Happy Juice Pack™ 
Amare GBX Burn™
Amare GBX Fit™

Happy Mind Pack

Happy Mind Pack
Info Sheet

How This Works

Wake up your brain for better focus, memory, and sharpness with powerful nootropics: Mango Leaf, Lychee Fruit, Palm Fruit, Pomegranate Extract, Guayusa, and Rooibos.*
Add calm and clarity with potent adaptogens: Ashwagandha, Kanna, and Magnolia Bark.* 

Plant Based Serums

Combine Amare’s Plant-Based Regenerating Serum with Collagen Boosting Spray to optimize the entire gut-skin axis. The result? Clean, all-natural collagen production, a balanced skin microbiome, and healthy, protected, glowing skin.* #CleanHappyGlow

Optimize the communication sync of chemical messengers between your brain and your guy with the clinically studied ingredients in MentaSync*

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Amare Wellness Pack
Wellness Pack

Receive our TOP Product Packs and special offers for our Subscribe & Save Rewards Program, Incentive Trip Points, and membership fee waived, when you enroll with a Wellness Pack TODAY!

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Mental Fitness Pack
Mental Fitness Pack (Sugar & Caffeine-Free)

Fuel your mental edge with all-natural products in our Mental Fitness Pack! This pack includes (1) of each of our most-popular mental optimization products: Energy+, Mood+, Sleep+, and Relief+.*

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What It Is
The all-natural nootropic that supports motivation. Mango Leaf, Lychee Fruit, Palm Fruit: 3 synergistically powerful ingredients combined for the first time.
NO calories, NO sugar, NO caffeine, NO GMOs, NO side effects, Sustainably sourced ingredients*

Why You Need EDGE

EDGE, the all-natural nootropic, that helps give you the motivation to crush your to-do list and tackle your day with ease. Kinda like your secret superpower.* 

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Why You Need It

* Supports motivation and brain health*
* Supports neuron regeneration*
* Supports focus and memory*
* Supports mental energy and endurance*
* Promotes a healthy, positive mood*

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Plant Based Regeneration Serums

Choosing the best option to fit your life style

Enhances feelings of well-being and supports a healthy, positive mood*
Reduces feelings of negativity and stress*

Amare Wellness Pack

The most comprehensive combination of unique strains of probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics that have been scientifically shown to improve mental wellness.* 

Mental Fitness Pack
FundaMentals Pack PLUS™

Comprehensive nutrition for all three brains — the gut, brain and heart — the Amare FundaMentals Pack PLUS is designed to target and support the primary physiological drivers of mental wellness.*


Prime your immune system to optimize the communication sync of chemical messengers between your brain and your gut with the clinically studied key ingredients in MentaSync.*


DermaBiotics™ Plant-Based Collagen Boosting Spray

For radiant, firm skin, instead of “taking” collagen … make it. This clean, plant-based, all-natural oral spray helps boost collagen production, improve skin moisture, and support skin elasticity.* #CleanHappyGlow

Personal Care
Weight Management
DermaBiotics™ Regenerating Serum

To revitalize skin elasticity and balance … nourish it. This clean, plant-based, all-natural, topical serum delivers targeted prebiotics, probiotics, phytobiotics, and essential sea minerals for healthy, protected, glowing skin.* #CleanHappyGlow

Clinically studied, Natural ingredients

This product contains both Mood Elevating and Tension Reducing Proprietary Blends that are formulated with patented, plant-based ingredients to help reduce occasional feelings of depression, anxiety, tension, nervousness, and sleeplessness.* Get yourself back to feeling joyful and motivated with Amare’s all-natural product – Mood+! 


Check out our other award winning products such as CellProof Bio Cell Collagen skin care line

Skin Care

Enhances feelings of well-being and supports a healthy, positive mood*
Improves Brain Performance
Increases Energy Levels and Endurance

Mental Fitness Pack 

Fuel your mental edge with all-natural products in our Mental Fitness Pack! This pack includes (1) of each of our most-popular mental optimization products: Energy+, Mood+, Sleep+, and Relief+.*
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The Amare Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of proven leaders in mental wellness, psychology, neuroimmunology, gut-brain axis, phytobiology, Chinese medicine, health, and nutrition. Their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm in their respective fields are a significant asset for us to continue to innovate in our product development and guarantee and maintain the integrity of efficacy of our no-compromise products.

Ancient Wisdom

from the 5,000-year-old practice of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda

Modern Innovation

using bio-psycho-neuro-immunology to create new proprietary formulas

Analytical Verification

of our safe, pure, potent and traceable all-natural, standardized active compounds

Research Proven

claims, substantiation and studies that prove our products work

Ethical Sourcing

of exotic ingredients through our global supply chain of sustainability-focused partners

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